Well guys, I am in Togo now and have to get used to this *censored* keyboard.My project is not certain yet, but I will see about that in about two weeks. Until then we are still having language courses in Ewé; which is one of the local languages, in which a lot of words, pronounced a little different have a completely different meaning.

Yesterday we had a party since two other volunteers are leaving; for us it was a nice welcome.

The flight was long, even late, but was interesting for the most part.
We had 4 hours at the Paris Airport and could not get into the city, so we had plenty of time to kill.

We are currently 10 volunteers, but a lot of them will leave during the next month or so. At the moment we also have monsum (rain season) which means that we have an average of about 2 hours of hard rain every day.

It is a little different from what we thought: the volunteers are not eating together with the family and mostly something different; the day I arrived we had spaghetti. 😉

Coke and 50Cent also exist over here and I think that they exproted all the unwanted German Folkmusic to Afrika and they are playing them here now on the air along with the Vengaboys.

So much for now, I’ll try to keep you updated.

still in Germany

I will return on June 30th, 2005.

My exchange organisation is the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE), which has branches all over the world and is working together with other exchange organisations, in this case “Campagne des Hommes” in Togo.

So far I have been on a seminar for all the exchangees from northern Germany together with other international exchangees from all over the world, two from India, but the rest mostly from South America. It was fun; we a had a camp fire on three evenings and stick bread, on one we even had baked apples and tschai (special tea, cooked over the open fire)


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