End of days …?

So now my internship here in Brazil is coming to an end. I still have some things ahead of me like the International AIESEC Congress, but now really the leaving from here is actually concerning me more. Over time, this place has become a home for me, where I live, dream, act, relax and had the time of my life!

Starting with an internship that I actually first looked for in India but soon came to realize that my dream was in South America. A TN manager in Colombia gave me several contacts in Brazil that I also made use of after my first matched internship in Brazil was cancelled just one week before I was supposed to come over here! Then I raised a little hell and found something within 1 1/2 weeks, here, in Ribeirão Preto, another home for me now.

I arrived directly to a regional conference (SDL SP-Paraná), having 250 new faces in front of me, all AIESECERs, already sharing their culture, passion and thoughts with me. So I also already got to share thoughts personally for 50 minutes with the President of AIESEC in Brazil back then and that one really got me started. I joined the following sessions about AIESEC in Brazil and eventually ended up as a driving force in the national Information Management Team, that was formed soon after those days. There I should also met some people again that I had met on my search for an internship – from exchange to IM, kind of staying by my side :).

So I formed my vision of Information Management (IM) and got a lot of feedback and ideas. From people in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Tunisia, Singapore, Colombia and many more.
I could never have imagined that eventually I would pick up some people from AIESEC International from the airport, sharing beers and having some nice chats with them and even calling some of them my friends now! I neither imagined the President of AIESEC in Brazil, now Vice President in AIESEC International (AI) and the president of the international AIESEC Congress (www.ic2008.org.br) cooking for me :).
I grew in so many ways, saw parts of the country, beeing a facilitator in several places for AIESEC and meeting so many new nice, welcoming people with the typical brazilian hospitality, that is just a heart of gold and wide open! These 9 months really meant a lot to me.
I am now even dreaming on to apply for AIESEC International at the end of the year, I just still have to see how I can integrate it with my last year of the bachelor, with thesis and all – but if there is a will, there is a way :).
Part of my soul will stay in Brazil now, the big country that is just so open, so diverse, so rich, so giving and in so many ways better than I could even imagine before I came.

There have been a lot of people joining me on my personal and physical trip through this country. People that I will really miss when I am leaving now, people with passions in common …
People in the local committee and friends here in Ribeirão Preto, of which some have become like family, sharing thoughts, doubts, smiles, even family and holidays with me!
People on my trips around the country, which have shown me the beauty and specialness of their home places, all one by one, special persons!
People in Information Management, which became my new passion and I already got the chance to get a completely different perspective on during my time here , be creative and even create something with a big impact, now planning to even taking it further …
People on Sustainability that share a common ideal and passion and that I am looking forward with to give a little impact in the world, same as with IM :).
The wonderful family that I spent Christmas and New Years with, that I would really call family now …!

The wonderful people all around this country, be it in Ribeirão, Florianapolis, Salvador, Brasilia, São Paulo and even places I have never personally been to. Right now it is really difficult to put it all in words what I feel, even though I have already been through this several times … I guess the video is giving a brief impression of what a blast I had here, good times, bad times, but learnt a lot and looking forward to returning for sure!

The full version in high quality is available here, but about 1 Gb :


I am now kind of living a little in the past, nostalgia, wishing it wasn’t going to be over so soon. Then also looking forward to the International Congress coming up and then even forward to Germany after that, to which I am also looking forward to a little.

I am living in those mindfields, but somehow a little less in the present than I would actually want. I still have to figure out a good way for that soon … I know that life will go on and I have already even been through this several times, just now it is hitting me from another angle right now … Still, stay hungry, stay foolish … 🙂

If there is anybody up to talking with me about it – I am here, just knock :).

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