Being a brutal optimist …

“Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.”

So a new year has started! Do you have new year’s resolutions? 🙂

Thinking about this brought up some thoughs on a particular topic in me.

There are two major ways to go through life. Being optimistic, being pessimistic. Ok, maybe still not caring, but I hope you have a stand on life.

As you can read from the title I am rather a person of the first kind. This has gotten me quite far in my life if not saved me from losing my sanity several times. 🙂

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What is home (in different languages)?

So it is around Christmas now, where many people go home. But what really is “home”? How do you define home?

Many say that it is where their family lives or where they grew up. Some say “Home is not where you were born but where you want to die”.

I have been wondering about what home really means for me and by being abroad some international aspects came into the picture.

Definition of "Home"
The Sea

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How to really LIVE your Dream


After now already posting about ‘Preparing for Job that does not exist yet‘ (where I described what my dream job lookes like and how I got to find it) I also want to stress the importance of living your dream! I am doing it as you maybe have already discovered in the aforementioned post. It took me some 5 years to know ever more exactly what I do NOT want. This helped me in becoming more clear in my goal but does not mean I became more narrow minded – quite the opposite! I learned to listen and embrace others and it is in my opinion more important to be inspired than to inspire. Otherwise  you will soon become too fond of yourself. 😉 “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!” as Steve Jobs quoted. And that is what I do.

Not everything I try out succeeds right away. Sometimes taken new paths can be painful. Successes are what motivates us but hardships bring us forward and shape our character. So it is not only about finding your dream job but also finding yourself! But more on those in some other posts …

While I am currently still on my way there are some people who already are done with the safe haven of studying and the like and make a living based on their ideas. So f*** yeah – I even brought some great examples who can also bring YOU forward! 😀

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Preparing for a job that does not exist yet …

Winding road to your future

As you might have figured, this was a process that developed over time and I must admit that it also had to do with AIESEC – amongst others. Due to several steps (see headlines) this post is also a bit longer than the others – I hope you enjoy the time until getting there! I surely did living it! 🙂


If have to give it a start it would be during my time as member of the Continue reading Preparing for a job that does not exist yet …

What Egypt, Pakistan and Togo have in common and what Europeans are blessed with …


[Update] Check out this text to get some more background information and videos: Updates on the Situation in Egypt: What is Happening

Also check out the current parties and their stands interactively.


How will this end? After the initial promising change in Egypt and other Arab States now there are threats to safety and freedom of it’s people again. I was chained to the TV back then watching how the situation would evolve and was glad that it remained mainly peaceful!

Current State

After the initial struggle to overthrow the past regime (in which the army soldiers on the streets stayed mainly peaceful and did not act against the protesters) and a following quieter time to consoldate there now are struggles between the population and armed forces, Continue reading What Egypt, Pakistan and Togo have in common and what Europeans are blessed with …

Major Shift in Pakistan – the peaceful Leader

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

After talking about believing in your ideals and bringing positive change here is somebody who is doing it – right now!
One thing that got my attention, apart from my personal experience that I have mainly been focusing on in the last articles, is the current awesome development in Pakistan!



Picture Source


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Walking the line …

Well, this one is not exactly going to be about Johnny Cash, but rather about the difficulty of keeping the balance in emotional situations when dealing with others. The past weekend has again shown me a lot about this and those are experiences I do not want to miss!

Some days ago I told you about my experience in chairing a conference in Denmark – this time I chaired a conference in Germany for the Local Committees of Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe for their new members and some more experienced ones with about 80 delegates.
As I mentioned in the previous article, the job of a chair is to keep the overall mood, provide inspiration and personal challenge and ensure the flow of the agenda.


This was even more a particular challenge now since there were new Continue reading Walking the line …

Chairing the national AIESEC Conference CITIUS 2011 in Denmark

still learningSo after I said in my post about 5 years in AIESEC that I do not have any active position in AIESEC anymore this held true. Yet there are some occasional opportunities still coming up – like training and chairing conferences!

So I was asked to be Chair of a national conference in Denmark. But so

What does a chair actually do?

A chair of a conference (at least in AIESEC) is responsible for the overall mood of a conference, the coordination of Continue reading Chairing the national AIESEC Conference CITIUS 2011 in Denmark

5 years of AIESEC Рa Resum̩

So it has now been about 5 active years of AIESEC until left my last active (operational) role some weeks ago. So what has AIESEC actually given me in this time? Actually quite a lot – otherwise I would not have stayed for 5 years I guess. 😉

The Start of It All

I started in November 2006 in Hamburg, Germany actually rather looking for a way to promote international experiences to my fellow co-students but getting more than I had bargained for! I started as a member of the Talent Management Team (HR) and Local Information Manager. I loved the athmosphere of living in a very international team (just 2 Germans in a group of 10) and saw the different facets of working in a multicultural team.

My Talent Management Team
My Talent Management Team in Hamburg


As the job of the Information Manager I was also responsible for the local IT  Continue reading 5 years of AIESEC – a Resumé

Some get what they want – and some just don’t get it!

People taking to the streets in Togo
People taking to the streets in Togo
People taking to the streets in Togo

Now this is obviously a historic event with finally Mubarak stepping down. I am really relieved and congratulate the Egyptian people that their voice and prayers have been heard and hope that a peaceful and prosperous future following the idea and the spirit of the people comes into place.

But I remember very well a place where it does not! It reminds me of a story that I lived personally a few years ago in 2005 – Continue reading Some get what they want – and some just don’t get it!