Living your Dream

The Importance of Feeling Alive

Especially during the christmas and family time, one thing often comes to my mind. Robot Mode Whenever I work for several months quite intensively, even though I may be more or less passionate about them, I get into a more robotic mode, where things just “have to function properly” and the beauty of things often gets lost. This includes emotions every so often. There is a saying, stating “eventually, all

Hamburg City Guide

While I lived in Hamburg I have been giving friends a tour of the city quite frequently. Since I do not live there at the moment (to give tours) but people ask me to give them “a list of what they should see” I figured I could make a central one here. If you have anything to add that people should see – just let me know! đŸ™‚ This is


Some Downsides of almost constant Travelling

I just watched the movie “machine gun preacher” and besides it being an intense movie based on true events, it also raised another consideration again in me. The main character is helping kids in Sudan against the by-now-famous Kony and LRA, but  he is mainly also torn between his family back home and his “new family” in Sudan. As several of you might know I have already been in several

Change the World with your Smile

Sudden Change – British style -> Leider Geil! (“Unfortunately Awesome”!)

So I hopped over to London to visit family, my coach and friends. I have been a bit around the globe, but one thing still struck me odd: Driving on the left. Obviously I had already heard about it but forgotten about it when arriving at the airport at 7 am after having just spent the entire previous night trying to sleep at another airport! I got onto the bus

Me with 9 "Sons of Ghandi" in Salvador - with which I left each night again and again! :)

Carnival in different countries

A lot of people ask me why I go to a crazy party called carnival. How much do you actually know about it? Do you know the Nubbelburning in Cologne? The Zulu King at Mardi Gras in Lousiana? The Sons of Ghandi in Salvador, Brazil? If not, here come some insights that might be new for you. đŸ˜‰

My Coach and Me

My cool Experiences with my Personal Coach – do you have one? :)

So how does this work (for me)? For about 3 years now I have a personal coach  and he has definitely brought me forward! We do not talk every day but still every once in a while. He does not provide me with answers but rather the right questions to come to conclusions by myself. There have been several bigger crossroads in my life in these 3 years that have been heavily

Being a brutal optimist …

“Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.” So a new year has started! Do you have new year’s resolutions? đŸ™‚ Thinking about this brought up some thoughs on a particular topic in me. There are two major ways to go through life. Being optimistic, being pessimistic. Ok, maybe still not caring, but I hope you have a stand on life. As

Definition of "Home"

What is home (in different languages)?

So it is around Christmas now, where many people go home. But what really is “home”? How do you define home? Many say that it is where their family lives or where they grew up. Some say “Home is not where you were born but where you want to die”. I have been wondering about what home really means for me and by being abroad some international aspects came into the


How to really LIVE your Dream

After now already posting about ‘Preparing for Job that does not exist yet‘ (where I described what my dream job lookes like and how I got to find it) I also want to stress the importance of living your dream! I am doing it as you maybe have already discovered in the aforementioned post. It took me some 5 years to know ever more exactly what I do NOT want.